Installer / Logs program virus?

The application was working fine last week. All of a sudden, I’m getting a popup from my antivirus that is protecting me from a Trojan… I tried redownloading the installer and it says the file is damaged and that it won’t install it. I don’t want to add it to the safe list without knowing what’s up, which means I can’t upload logs anymore until it’s fixed. What gives?

earlier tonight my pc’s antivirus software removed wcl uploader fomr my pc because of a trojan and i cannot redownload it for the same reason i wont add it to the trusted programs list while my anti virus states it has a trojan. why does it say its a trojan all of a sudden ?

Shrug, dunno. Nothing has changed on my end.

Same happening here.
Uploaded my logs last night without problems (my uploader was up to date)
Today i start my pc and instantly my anti virus software goes off on “Warcraft Logs Uploader.exe” and quarantined and ready to be removed on reboot.

It seems the file contains a string that is identified as something that can be a Trojan.

Detailed info from my software only say:
A Generic Detection has identified a file or program that has features or behavior similar to a trojan.

What antivirus software are you all using? This doesn’t make much sense to me since the uploader hasn’t changed, so I assume it’s a false positive from the antivirus software. Maybe it maintains some online list somewhere that it just updated to all your computers.

Having same issue. No problems running the uploader Sunday. Tuesday I couldn’t get it to open or install. I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017

Looks like this is just a thing sometimes with Adobe AIR. Need to get the false positive removed, e.g.:

Update: My Bitdefender updated 3 times in last 4 hours and now the uploader installs and works fine.

I should add that the uploader never even touches a Windows PC from build to deployment. It is created and packaged exclusively on Mac OS X, and then it is deployed to the production servers that run Linux.

I went ahead redownloaded everything to ensure it was from the website, which pinged in my antivirus again, so I removed the file from quarantine and added it to my Vipre AV safe list. Not having problems anymore. It still weirded me out, but it was good to get some feedback about it. Thank you!