Client coming up with a malware issue - is this a false positive?

I’ve been trying to install the client and my antivirus keeps coming up with FileRepMalware warning and automatically quarantining it :frowning: is this real or just a false positive coming from AVG?

False positive presumably. Googling around this seems to be a common thing for Electron apps to get flagged with false positives.

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I’m having the same issue with Avast. I’m not sure how to prevent it from automatically dumping it so I can install it.

It’s a false positive, so please report it to them, thanks.

I got this false positive also, but since then I’m not able to use or reinstall the Uploader. Install process finish so suddenly and all I have in the folder is the Uninstall.exe. I just can’t reinstall the uploader again.

I’ve uninstalled Avast, used CCleaner, used Regedit manual process to clean and tried so many times, but nothing worked.

Reinstall it by downloading it from the site.

That was the 1st thing I did.

I use Avast the free version of it. I had to go into Avast and make an exeption in the program then reinstall it Testing now

Avast/AVG have let us know that it was a false positive, and said within 24 hours the false positive complaints should go away.