Warcraft Logs Uploader v4.15 not loggin in


The problem i have is that I can’t get past the log in on my uploader. After putting in my email and password it just keeps on the log in screen with my log in button just circling around.
I tryed to put in a wrong password as a test to see if it did the same but it gave me a notice that it was wrong.

How can i fix this so i can upload my logs to the site.

I also tryed removing and reinstalling, even reinstalling it on the same harddrive is my gamefolder for wow.
I used to use WCL during Warlords and didn’t have any issues with it back then.

Thanks for the help !!

Your Encrypted Local Store (an Adobe AIR thing) has become corrupted. Go to %AppData% and delete the Adobe AIR\ELS subdirectory.

I had to look around to find the right folder but eventually did.
Thanks for the tip !!