"Installer file is damaged"


Since the latest update I cannot install the Warcraftlogs uploader because I am getting this error,

“The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.”

I have tried moving the file from the downloads folder onto my desktop to eliminate it trying to install from a “network drive” and am still receiving the same error message. I also completely uninstalled adobe AIR and the warcraftlogs uploader and reinstalled them and that did not change the error message. anyone know a fix to this? why would it work fine until the latest update? is there an actual bug with the current installer files?


Having the same issue, would love an update!


Another one with the problem… I just installed last Adobe Air. System is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 Bits.


Yep same issue here please help :slight_smile:


Also having this issue. Fresh install of adobeair. Windows 10 version 1803 OS build 17134.228
Adobe AIR installer version


Same problem here too


I am getting this issue as well.

Upon viewing the logs, I see this message:
[2018-09-11:15:21:59] Package signature validation failed
[2018-09-11:15:21:59] Got an unexpected fatal error while unpackaging: [ErrorEvent type=“error” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=“invalid package signature” errorID=5022]
[2018-09-11:15:22:05] Application Installer end with exit code 7

Edit: My issue is with the fflogs, not the wow logs.

Edit: I tried the solution here: [Win10] FF Logs Uploader can not be installed (Err: 5100) and it did not work.

"Installer file is damaged" when installing FFLogs uploader

I redownloaded it and now it works, no clue if they did anything…


Just re-downloaded and it is working again for me


It’s not working for me. I tried it a couple of times since people said they redownloaded it and it worked.


It was my anti-virus blocking it. Excluded it and it installed.