Impossibility to use WarcraftLog since it passed 3.2.6

Well, until yesterday, all went well about the application, but recently, when I launch it, it force an update (I was still in 3.2.4 & force me to run to 3.2.6).
My system is alright, version 1803 (Windows 10). I checked up everything and all seems good… Except WarcraftLogUploader.
I shut down my computer, I restart it, I uninstalled WarcraftLogUploader, redownloaded it, several times, by various browsers (avast secure browser, google chrome, firefox), but it didn’t solve anything. It still pop-up a window saying “Installation interrupted”.


It’s Avast stopping the install due to a false positive.


I had a quite similar problem. It seems that deactivating Avast has helped. At least i was able to start the programm now.

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