FFlogs API with a filter not working with translate


I have made a program which uses the fflogs API and filters different abilities. It used to work fine a while ago, however, it now doesn’t work if the parse is in a different language.

here are two examples (I removed my API key):

one in english:


one in japanese:


Only the english one returns the right information.
If the filter is removed they both return everything.

Am I doing something wrong?
Please help :slight_smile:


ability.name (right now at least) uses the original report language. It doesn’t try to use the translated name. I could in theory fix this (I’d have to mull over if that is always the desired behavior to compare against the translated result), but you should really just write the filter to not look at localizable info, e.g., use ability.id instead.

Thanks for the reply Kihra!

I can change the filter to look at ability.id.

The reason I used ability.name is to make it quicker to update when skills get added/changed.
But it is not that much slower to find the item ids as well. I guess I was just lazy coding haha.

Is there a way to find abitity.id without looking through individual parses manually?

To bring some context, my program just grabs the raid buffs and personal damage buffs of a parse, then puts them in a timeline so it is easier to compare with other speedkill parses.


Quick update: I changed it to filter ability.id and it all works :slight_smile:

I fixed this issue also so that name will use the translated name.

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