FF logs API get Parses Issue

Hello, I am using the FF logs API for a discord bot. When I call the parses get API, it seems to return most users except for a few. In my example, I have 2 users whose name return an empty JSON when I call the API. I can provide the names if it will help.

I have read that the API is still in the works, so if that is the reason, I’ll accept that.


If they have hidden their characters you will get empty JSON back.

The characters show up on the website when the logs are uploaded. When they are hidden does it apply to both the website and the API?

Would need an example.

Ok I think it may be my mistake. So I’ve been pulling data from last fight no matter if we cleared or not. I now see that if I set the encounter parameter to 69 (Ramuh) it pulls up the 2 rankings for when we cleared, not every single pull we have done.

I do have another question though. When I enter the encounter 1052 (Ruby Weapon) nothing shows up for anyone. I also pull the zoneID (912) from the /reports/fights API, but whenever I enter it, it will send an error stating “Invalid raid zone specified.” I also pull the fight ID, but I only use it to find the last fight. I’ll provide examples for both below. It’s using a public key so I assume it’s safe to show here.

API call for Ruby weapon (Without zoneID)

FFLOGS website (Info that I assume I’m trying to pull for)