Some questions about fflogs API

Hi, I’m trying to use the fflogs API in order to build some reports for my raiding team and so fat everything worked just fine but I have some questions:

  • There’s a route that returns an array of figts for a given report. Is there a route for a specific fight from the report? something like /reports/fights/{code}/{fightID}?

  • For a given entry in the array that the reports route returns, what does this attributes mean: bossPercentage, fightPercentage, lastPhaseForPercentageDisplay. I’m assuming lastPhaseForPercentageDisplay is used to paint that progress bar (I could also use it do check where the fight ended by comparing it against the phases array returned in the same route). But what about the previous one?

Now some specifics to my use case that might make it easier for anyone wanting to help me: I’m trying to check at what Bahamut trio a wipe occured, is that possible to do using the api? If so, how can I go about it?

Thanks in advance!