No Ranking? - Japanese Parse

Looks like the parse uplodaded a-okay since the damage is showing up but how come there’s just straight up no rankings?
No error or anything, just blank after “Player Rankigns by Spec”

Make sure you selected Japan as the region in the client uploader.

Like, on ACT? It is

I should probably also mention my ACT plugin is, game language on the plugin is set to Japanese, and the logs are being uploaded to my personal logs in JP

No, in the FFLogs Client Uploader. When you select Personal Logs, there’s an additional selector for picking the region to upload to.

So I reuploaded as JP and it seemed that nothing happened to the report so I deleted the report and reuploaded it to see if there wouldve been a difference, I think it’s working since its now processing, thanks!

Nope, still no go, and I just cleared another 11s, no good, still the same result

Square Enix just updated Lodestone and changed their format completely. I am working to fix my code to be able to use Lodestone again, so that may be the issue.