Classic Logs (RE: World Buffs)

This is just a request for guilds who do not wish to participate in stacking world buffs. Could there be separate rankings for raids who do not use world buffs (DM Trib, Ony, WCB, Songflower, etc.) and disqualify the entire raid from the non-World Buff category rankings if one player uses them?

Thanks for your consideration.

Absolutely, please make this a supported feature;

Clean logs, if you will, would be a much more representative picture of the rankings of great guilds in terms of skill, knowledge, strategy, effort, experience, and gear as opposed to which guild can spend hours on end outside of raid stacking world buffs ad nauseum.

This doesn’t differentiate primarily by any real meritorious aspect of guild and instead differentiates in favor of those with the least amount of real life obligations.

World buffs were so counter to wow goals that blizzard nixed them from raiding. Similarly many private servers also disable world buffs for progression raiding.

Having the primary measure of guild standing be differentiated so much on world buff stacking also runs counter to what I can assume the goals of warcraftlogs are—an objective look at how different players and guilds compare to each other (presumably differences in skill, experience, knowledge, strategy, and execution) and not the non-gameplay aspect of the ability to stack world buffs.

This has real implications towards many guilds recruitment potential such that they must stack world buffs if they want to have competitive logs. You would be doing many players a huge favor by implementing a clean/pure logs search. Please implement this!

This is on Blizzard. At the moment, world buffs are completely untrackable unless you die.