New "Character Summary" Suggestion

I am referring to this new display when viewing your, or I suppose a, character. I would like to see the fight ranks, should you have them, in addition to all the information currently listed.

It’s subtle point, but the fight that earned you your best historical % and the fight that had your best DPS/HPS may not be the same. Your highest ranked parse could even be a third fight unrelated to the other two (in the combined spec view at least). So I guess maybe you want “highest rank attained”?

One reason I hate showing absolute ranks is they are expensive to compute, and therefore I have to estimate them most of the time (any rank above 50 would just be estimated). The rank position kind of loses value somewhat as a result of this. I just have to do this to keep the page from taking forever to load when aggregating across all bosses.

Ah, I see I was unclear.

What I would like to see is current rank. I understand what you’re saying. My highest attained rank on M Arch is 1 which has since been bumped to 8. However, I outperformed that rank and my standing rank of 4 is numerically higher than my historical rank of 1.

Basically, I would like to be able to see current rank. I suppose historically highest rank would be cool as well(?), but I don’t want to put you out or make you work too hard.

*Edit: Actually, no, historically highest rank would be kind of dumb. Guild 1 kills new boss day 1, everyone receives rank 1 which becomes historical rank 1. Guild 2 kills new boss minutes after and outperforms Guild 1, a bunch of people receive rank 1 which becomes historical rank 1. Kind of dumb.

It would also be cool to see All Star Rank in this part of the character overview.

I can’t show this position live. I could conceivably show the last computed rank position (i.e., the one currently showing in All Stars), but to show that I would need to store the rank position in the All Stars database rows (something I don’t currently do).

I’ll add the idea to my feature list.

That would be sweet. It doesn’t have to be dynamically updating at all times. I think you have the All Star ranks compile at the end of each day at some point, so using those numbers would be perfect.

I would just like to see at a glance where I stand on each encounter and in the spec/role (whichever is the metric) overall.