All Stars Tanking Score per Fight

Hello, I’ve noticed you can now check your All Star rank per fight for your DPS, but can’t on Tanking Surviability. Any especial reason?

Just a bug/oversight. Will add it to the list of things to fix.

Ty :slight_smile:

Btw, if I’m on the 1000 parses, and after some weeks without raiding, my log go below thie threshold, my All Star point to this specific boss goes to 0?

All Star will examine the top 10,000 ranks for points. Anyone with a rank > 10,000 gets 0 points. I have to do that for performance reasons, since otherwise it would take too long to compute.

Top 10000 on EACH spec or top 10000 Global (DPS, HPS and Tank) ???

Spec (or combined role within your class if looking at that score).

What’s the forecast?

This has been fixed.

Ty <3

Noticed that the Tank All Score changed a looot. Whats the new calculation?

Maybe read the other thread that is right at the top of the forum? :slight_smile: