Request: All Star Points visible for Tank Combined Damage and Speed

To start of, thank you Khira for implementing the new tank combined damage metric for FFlogs. It’s a really interesting thing to take a look at when measuring the combined work of the tanks (and healers for that matter).

That said, would it be possible to implement some visible method of checking the all-star points someone receives from a given fight so that you could tell explicitly where you’re lagging behind. In some fights where clear rates are high and it’s being parse farmed it’s pretty easy to gauge based off of server ranking and cross-referencing global ranking. However, for some fights like O4S where the fight is a lot more difficult and there are fewer people clearing it’s a bit harder to tell just how far you are off the mark.

Essentially, if I want to get my static into the top 10 it’s not immediately obvious which fight I need to work the hardest on, I can only kinda guess.

Secondly, I’d like it if somehow you could include a way of checking all star points for tank combined damage. Similar sort of issue as the speedkill where it’s not obvious from checking my profile exactly where the two tanks need to work the hardest.

Thanks for the consideration!

Yeah, I plan to let you view this on your character page. I just haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet.