Log issue after update

Hello everyone.

Yesterday, after mannoroth and archimonde kills, i improve my own logs, but today i see the ALL Star players is not updated, and inside my own log the points are right, so im here for ask what happened?

Character name: Spellbøund.

My own logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1012598/latest/#boss=0

ALL STAR: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/server/505/latest/#class=Warlock

If you can see the numbers for Mannoroth from demon (before log) to destro (new log) isnt updated, and same happens with Archimonde from Affliction (before log) to destro (new log).

Thx for all and sorry for my english.

Can someone answer me or explain me? Please T_T

The points on your character page are just an estimate, since it’s too expensive to actually calculate your exact rank position on every boss in real time. This means they won’t necessarily match your real All Stars score (which is done once every 24 hours and does figure out your exact rank position).

Hmm, ok,

I just want to know what happen next time i kill manno and archimonde, because if i have the same problem again and again its a shit… even when i,m trying to improve my logs

There’s no problem. It’s working correctly.

Thx, tonight we will see how much points give me it i will improve my logs, anyway even the points are stimated, you can see the difference between the last logs the different is too bigger for dont give me 1 single point and thats the reason of the post.

Remember that All Stars is a relative scoring system, not an absolute one. You may improve your own DPS week to week, but if everyone else above you is also improving, your All Star score is not going to necessarily go up.

Yes, i know that i just compared my own dps with people who already ranked with similar DPS, and because my before log was so so bad, i know something wrong happened, and thats the reason i talk it with my guildmates who normally follow ranks and noticed me that, my last manno and archi didnt upgrade…

Ok remember that All Star ranks for classes with multiple DPS specs are combined, i.e., getting a better percentile on an inferior spec is not going to change anything once those specs are combined.