Demon Chadarnook broken for German ACT since 4.3

Since 4.3 all Chadarnook Logs are uploaded as trashfights when logged with german game client. This seems to be caused by the appearance of “Ostwind” as enemy. It works correcft for english clients where in the log no “Ostwind” enemy appears.
Language is fine (German in client and German in ACT and worked fine until client patch 4.3 - nothing changed)

Is this some issue of fflogs? Obviously the dmg to “Ostwind” appears in the battle log and is parsed by act if german client is used. So it should appear in fflogs as well?

Same for me and I am not using German ACT (English and client is in French)


Please fix !

Uploader has been fixed and logs uploaded with new uploader work again.
Broken logs should be fixed as well.

If you have French client then you need to set Client Language to French in ACT as well.

Hi, ty for the fix. I’m sorry for the dumb question but how do i set Client Language into ACT ?

Also can you fix this report for O8S pls ? It show no clear only trash fights.

See number 10 in the image. Game language. It has to match the language of your client