German Buffs pane not working with Dragoon

I’ve mentioned this a few times on Discord but I don’t want to be spammy, so I figure this is a better avenue for reporting a persistent thing like this.

I found something weird. I did an API call on a german log (this one and part of the response is this:

"ability": { "name":"Linkes DrachenAuge", "guid":1001454, "type":1,"abilityIcon": "012000-012582.png"}

That thing between Drachen and Auge is the ASCII character code 3, the end-of-text character. I know you pull ability names from xivdb so i checked their data ( and they don’t have that in their german name:

"name_de":"Linkes Drachenauge"

The reason I stumbled across this is because my JSON parser choked on it, which I fixed by just passing translate=true and it’s good enough for my purposes, but if you go to the log above and go to the buffs tab without translating first, it appears that FFLogs itself can’t handle it either.

This is a bug in Ravahn’s ability name information. Should report it to him, maybe in #act-stuff. I only use xivdb-backed stuff for translation.

Ah, it looks like if I translate other logs into german, it fixes itself. I’ll mention it to Ravahn.