ACT Parsed but FFlogs cannot find fights


Our Group went and cleared O1S, and O2S last night and I recorded it with ACT, the fights showed up etc and showed the DPS etc perfectly fine, I went to upload it but it only sees 1 page of fights in the select fight window, and then nothing else. If i upload the entire file I can see both fights.

I have also split the file and cannot find the fight at all, but I did manage to find a “Blank” list and if i click on it it shows “Ground effects” as a participant.

Have the original file still?

Yes I still have the original file, I also uploaded what it shows when I upload the file onto ACT without selecting any fights.

The Last two Trash fights are the ones in question, unfortunately the file is roughly 60mb in size

Need the original file to debug.

Do you have a dropbox or some place I can semd the file to?

i got the same issue with my O4S dummy parse when i uploaded it it only showed actions of other people even though i set ACT to Self and it showed my parse on ACT but not on fflogs

For your fight check enemies, there will be multiole dummies you need to find your dummy. I had the same issue with dummies

it doesn’t show this time stuff on fflogs the usual “no encounters found” message

Dummies are problematic and not working sometimes for some reason. I’m not sure why.

I have uploaded the log file to a google drive account. I’m pretty sure you can copy it from there :slight_smile:

Did the link work?

Yeah, got it thanks.