Help with broken logs

So i’m not entirely sure how to go about asking for this help, but i figure it’s better asking than just sitting here. So, my ACT works perfectly and gathers the logs as normal. When i try to upload them using the FFlogs uploader, it will go to the next screen where you’re supposed to be able to select which logs you’re supposed to upload. Now unfortunately, nothing appears in the box, but there is usually one line at the top you can hover your mouse over to see names in the box to the right. When uploading those “hidden” logs i’d like to call them, because they don’t show, it will bring me to the FFLogs site where it shows the fight at 0:00, no battle data recorded. How do i go about fixing this? I wanna be prepared for next raid tier.

Make sure you’re using DX11 and not DX9.

I don’t know what that means. is that a driver? how do i make sure that i’m using DX11 and not DX9 or how do i set it up that way?

The game itself in the launcher says if you’re using 9 or 11 on the Play button I think? It’s a setting in the launcher to use the DX11 client.

I found a way to check on my computer and it says the directx is using directx 12. how do i change it to directx 11?

It’s not about the DirectX you have installed. The FFXIV game client has two versions, a DX9 one and a DX11 one. In the FFXIV game launcher, you pick which version of the game to use. ACT no longer supports the DX9 FFXIV, so you have to run the DX11 client. This is a setting that you check from the FFXIV game launcher.

oh okay! I see it now! That’s the “Direct x 11 Support” tab right???

That fixed it!!! Thank you so much Kihra. Your help was definately appreciated my friend ^^