FFLogs not showing rating or that the boss has been killed

FFLogs doesnt show that I killed the boss and shows it as a trash fight
Also there are no ratings in the log
Example :

You can’t mix languages in a log. Either make the NPCs and abilities both German or both English, but don’t mix them.

How do I fix that?
Is that the main reason?

I dont know what to do

Maybe hop on the Discord and get someone to help. I don’t actually know what settings you have to change in ACT for that.

I changed my ingame language
That should do right?
Edit: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/MbKA6yBj478cDwYr/#fight=last&type=summary
Tried to upload a log again. this time it showed me that I killed the boss,but again no ratings.
Or is it because it was Leviathan?

Okay it got fixed
Was because of the language I think
Thanks for the help Kihra