V2s & V3s suddenly only uploading as trash fights


need help

fflogs o2s trash fight
fflogs o3s trash fight

use fflogsUploader v11.8

how can i fix it?

Yea same problem here. even after updating the client to ver.11.8 it doesn’t register the kill as a kill only shows trash fight.

note: V1 and all primals fight are registered well so only V2 & V3 has this weird problem… :frowning:

Make sure you aren’t mixing languages, e.g., English boss names but French/German ability names, etc.

you mean the in-game languages or fflogs? cause i tried switching languages in fflogs and reuploaded the parser but it still register the fight as a trash fight (Unknown zone)… there are like 10 different V2 & V3 parser that i uploaded but none was registered correctly and instead of recognizing the actual fight name (like for example “Alte Roit”), it recognize the fight as “Unkown Zone” …it’s kind of depressing now :frowning:

I don’t know much about it, but FFLogs needs a single language used. If you are logging with English NPC names and non-English ability names, that is a problem, etc. Just make sure the language is consistent, and it should be fine.

So i parsed V1, V2 & V3 with everything in the same language (English) today and tried to upload all the parser. the result is still the same… V1 worked perfectly but V2 and V3 are still not recognized well (always as “Unkonwn Zone” & “Trash Fight”). :frowning:
i dont know if i’m being dumb or doing something wrong but can you make like an instuction on how to fix this?
much thanks and i appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Have a link to the log that messed up?

this is for V2: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/qnD1AMJZPpyFkfY3
V3: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/GJTCVMgYzHKnPkXx

You’re still mixing English and non-English. Notice how the boss is called “Katastroph” instead of “Catastrophe.”