Damage descrepancy on Blademaster

This is my first post so I want to start off with the fact that I love Warcraft Logs. I rarely look at AMR Logs even though I create them for my guild for every run we do just because I think they pale in comparison to the Warcraft Logs.

One thing did jump out at me last night though. I noticed that there was about 1.3 million damage lost on Blademaster Jubei’thos in our run last night from my combustion. Both Skada and AMR logs captured it so I am confident that it should be there.

Here are the two links for comparison
Warcraft Logs
AMR Logs

What I find extremely interesting is both sites show the same number of hits and average damage per hit. The total damage is vastly different.

Is this a bug or does Warcraft Logs factor this a different way?

Thank you!

After a bit more digging it seems that combustion was on the “shade” of Blademaster after he died. Warcraft Logs ignored the damage which is the more accurate thing to do. Just one more example of how Warcraft Logs is better :slight_smile:

Yup. More generally WCL ignores overkill damage for precisely this reason. Mobs on fights frequently can take 1 point of damage and a ton of overkill. They’re not technically alive, but this is how WoW implements this stuff so I exclude it. This happened with the dogs on Kagraz in BRF and on Megaera heads in ToT as other examples.