Different Numbers

Hello all

i’ve started logging some m+ runs and i’ve noticed it shows different numbers
the overall in the dungeon using details is completely different than the numbers that are shown in the log.

i’ve used the command /combatlog right before the key starts and even before entering the dungeon itself.

Screenshot_1 this is the details

this is the log itself : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fdmAZyt4BxHWvgh9/#fight=last

thanks in advance!

(and yes, i have advanced combat logging checked)

WCL excludes overkill damage by default. It will match Details! if you check “Include Overkill”, e.g.,


weird ,it still shows 1,5kk unlike details that shows 1,9kk

Look at total damage done. Durations may be different, which would make damage per second (DPS) different. At any rate, I’m confident what’s on the Web site is correct.