Logs and damage meters

Hello, have a question about warcraftlogs and ingame damage meters.
The problem is in a difference between logs and meters data. For example: today’s logs on Archi Mythic
(they are on russian, but you need just see 3 top dps: enchancement shaman, fire mage and marksmanship hunter)
and the screenshot from scada(from this hunter) http://i.imgur.com/Y8zxsAG.jpg
In logs shaman has 87 867 dps, mage - 84 755 dps and hunter - 84 519 dps. But on screenshot shaman has 75.3k dps, mage - 86.1k and hunter - 87.8k dps.
About shaman: I think that scada doesn’t count all the damage from Stormlash to shaman. Unlike logs do this.

A lot of people of my guild used scada or recount and this 2 addons have the same numbers after combat.
I use Details and have different numbers of heal with scada/recount and also different numbers of heal with logs(i chose this addon because he correctly count SpiritLink Totem heal/damage and doesn’t count overkill damage).

So the question is: do you cooperate with authors of this addons in order to do correct display damage/heal after fight? Or maybe you have any damage meters addon that will display the same numbers of damage/heal like logs?(maybe in past you created addon that display the same numbers like logs)

P.S. I’m sorry for a little bit messy and some errors in text.

Warcraft Logs attributes Stormlash to the enhancement shaman. Skada and Details don’t do this yet.

I’m the author of Details! and I don’t see any other way to attribute stormlash and the blessing of might to the caster without tracking the buff owner. Issue is if there is two or more shamans or paladins, we cannot distinguish who is actually causing the damage.
I’m wondering if you @Kihra could give some info on how are you handling this issue this on WCL.

I begged Blizzard to include actual owner information in the damage events, but they didn’t. There is no way to know for sure, so you have to just guess.The system I went with is to just maintain a list of current buff owners from oldest buff application to newest. Refreshes don’t change your position.

I then just round robin assign as I see multiple events, so paladin #1 gets first damage event, paladin #2 gets second event, etc. When new people are added to the end this doesn’t reset the counter.

I did the same thing for Stormlash, with the additional rule that I had 2.5 seconds of slop following the Stormlash fade to account for the fact that Stormlash has very slow travel time and can actually still occur about 2.5 seconds after the buff is gone from the player.

Also note that when a player with pets gets Greater Blessing of Might, their pets can proc the damage, so if a damage event comes from a pet you should trace it back to its owner to assign.

It sucks that this has to just be estimated, and that it isn’t really precise, but that was the best I could do.

Found another problem with Logs and Damage meters: Gorefiend.
If you upload the logs, your logs do not count any damage/heal from people who was into the boss. So Scada and Details from 2 people who are going into boss in different time has different numbers of heal/damage.
As long as I remember before prepacth the counting from 2 different people was almost the same (maybe with a little difference).

Yes, Blizzard broke phasing in Hellfire Citadel. Nothing I can do about it. Just another example of how utterly meaningless pre-patch rankings are. :slight_smile:

Well, let’s hope this phasing issue is only on HFC.

Kihra, I’ve manage to apply the stormlash and blessing of might on Details!, so far looks good.
Thanks for sharing your solution.

I have begged them to add a field to the combat log in a future patch that says who really owns the Stormlash/GBoM. I hate not knowing exactly who it belongs to. :slight_smile:

I think they won’t add once it’s a part of the class fantasy they want.
It is like, making 5% of all raid damage going to the mage whose buffed arcane intellect.