Different DPS on skada and warcraft logs killrog


I’m a monk windwalker named Kamikazä
I usually wouldn’t bother you with such small things but the damage on skada I had was 393k while I had 350k in the end of the fight. If it weren’t 45k dps I would say anything,

This is the link to the logs: Warcraft Logs

Could you please fix this because the difference is huge.
Thank you,
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Warcraft Logs excludes overkill DPS by default, since this isn’t real damage that was done to mobs. If a mob has 1000 health, and you hit it for 1 million damage, Skada will say you did 1 million damage, but WCL will say you did 1000.

You can still view damage including overkill, and you can see that is 396k.


Oh ok I understand now, thank you for a fast reply :slight_smile: