Heavy difference between Logs and Damage Meter

Hi there, uploaded my first log on 10.1.5 from a Pug group i was in but i noticed some strong difference between my details and logs data, almost every fight has between 10k/20k dps difference between the two.
Log: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Hi there… In 10.1.5 Blizzard added a new Evoker spec called Augmentation, which buffs other specs. They have also added combat log hooks, which means we can show the damage the Augmentation provided other players. We support this by attributing said damage to the Augmentation.

In-game damage meters do not have access to the new events for reattribution.

You can read more in our article here: Augmentation Evoker on Warcraft Logs | Warcraft Logs

They are absolutely NOT calculating things correctly. I pull 10k more dps without an Aug in the group vs with one. btw - I’m comparing logs with logs NOT logs with dps meter. How is that possible? How is it possible that “with a buff” I pull 10k less dps?

Further, if you are going to take people’s dps AWAY from them with an evoker in the group to apply to “their” dps, why not use that same damn logic with ALL OTHER GROUP BUFFs!? WW provides 5% more direct damage, easily calculatable and applied to WW.

Bottom line, Logs should be just that… LOGS! Stop playing god and deciding what is and isn’t accounted for. The evoker’s are absolutely NOT pressing my buttons. They are buffing me. If you want to give them dps to provide for that buff fine - but DO NOT TAKE AWAY DPS FROM OTHERS cause math…

You can click “Augmented Damage” upper right while viewing the Damage Done table to see the view with the damage credited to you.

For rankings, we obviously can’t just let the augvoker’s damage count as your damage, or rankings would become completely pointless.