Log bug on WAR Skill?

Hi all,

I don’t know whether this is a bug while I was doing some testing on WAR’s Upheaval, I found the following log, in the damage done breakdown by skill view I saw the total amount of Upheaval is less than a single cast of the skill (16k vs 23k). If the works correctly may I wonder what dose the “amount” mean here? Thank you!


FFLogs excludes overkill damage by default, since it’s irrelevant, but the detailed tooltip ability breakdown still includes overkill so that average hit size can be examined, etc.


Ahhh, I got it. Thank you for the info.
By the way, do you know where can I find the full list of the short letter (such as T, C, D) of a log event message like below:

AAA Regen BBB Tick +0 (O: 7205) (T: 5705, C: 23.8%, D: 10.5%, P/R: 26.07, G: 5631.76, M: 1.44, S: 6674)