Cropper Gho'Deke


I kind of think this fight should not be taken into account in allstar rankings, its a fight similar to Augmented Herald of Avatus was in Datascape (which you removed from allstar rankings) in which you can cheese it incredibly by everyone doing basically nothing and letting 1 person parse so they get an add attached to them (Rotten Rootbrute) which takes enormous amounts of damage. One particular guild have exploited this fact clearly twice now, with one being recently reported by another person on this forum.

Now if this is gonna be the case so be it, but please remove it from allstar rankings when its clearly not a fight designed to be considered in rankings, or maybe adapt the fight so it only considers damage done to Cropper Gho’Deke himself plus the clingy carrot adds, i.e. just remove the Rotten Rootbrute mob from it.


At the very least, you should definitely remove damage done to Rotten Rootbrute from the ranking, if not the entire fight.

Yes, like I tried to post earlier in the week, this fight definitely needs to be looked at.

I’ll exclude Rotten Rootbrute damage from ranks.