All of these logs on the the Phagetech guardian fights haveTrash (probably a lot more too)
It would be nice to not have to intentionally pull trash into these to get a top parse ^^

Are you guys seriously not going to take these down??? It’s acutally making it very hard at the very top level to gain any points on these fights.

I was out of town last week and just got back. Let me know the names of the trash mobs so I can put in a deep check that will take care of this for both now and the future.

Ahh, I am sorry for my reaction then :frowning:
All of the logs I posted have either some, or all of these adds in them:
Elder Phageborn Vilecaster
Phageborn Brute
Phageborn Deathspeaker
Phageborn Darkblade

Should all be fixed now (and no future pulls with these trash mobs will be allowed to show up).

Awesome ty. It does look like most are gone, however this one is still up

as well as this one
which doesnt have the boss in it whatsoever. but is logged under the boss

Still quite a few logs that have the afore mentioned trash mobs in them. Pretty lame tbh

I added checks for all of those mobs, so there shouldnt’ be any new ones. You can hit Export on the Rankings pages of any reports to fix them up. I stopped short of doing a global recrawl since I didn’t know if this was a widespread problem. If there are too many to just link, I could kick off a recrawl.

Yea, there are still quite a few logs with trash in them. And it honestly just gets tiresome to link them all. Like the points in GA are still getting skewed by these fights having trash in them and it’s honestly super annoying

Ok, I kicked off the global crawler to go over all 30,000 reports. Will take it a couple of days. :slight_smile: