[Demonic Inquisition] Removal from All-star rankings


I was wondering if Demonic Inquisition is going to be removed from All-star ranking any time soon just as Skorpyron and Tichondrius were.

If you take a look at the current rankings for this fight, you will find that they are completely destroyed by people who use some strange aoe-tactic, which includes killing a multitude of adds on several occasions (the more the better lol), making it impossible to compete without doing the exact same strategy. You guys should take a look at this issue and either remove it from all-star completely, or just remove the add damage taken from the overall dps calculation (the same as with Trilliax, for example).

I haven’t read anything about this, and I would very much like to see some changes, as if I am not mistaken this was exactly one of the reasons why Tich was removed from All-star.

Thanks a lot for your answer, in advance!


Still waiting for an official answer… Looking at you Kihra!

I haven’t looked into it yet. My understanding is there are a few fights that should probably be yanked (Inquisition, Mistress, Maiden probably).

I don’t think mistress or maiden are issues really, just inquisition.

If you have the time, please look into this matter. Thanks a lot for your answer!

There’s an issue with Host as well. No one kills the Templars, yet the top parses have 20%+ dmg to them. Should be the same as on Botanist, irrelevant damage removed from parse. I don’t see the problem with Mistress/Maiden though.

Maiden is dependent on orb rng. Mistress is dependent on bufferfish.

Orbs are random, but “good RNG” is a very core element of probably all the good parses, not just proc-wise but also “fight mechanic-wise”, so removing maiden just because this, is not a good idea. It takes personal skill and good proc and very proper play to achieve a high parse on this fight, and orb rng shouldn’t be mentioned on the same page with let’s say the inquisition log whoring tactic which only takes a bunch of adds and pressing aoe abilities to gain an unfair advantage.

Bufferfish are available multiple times for everyone in the fight, i don’t see why this should be removed.

What Enudrom wrote about the Desolate Host however is worth taking a minute to consider.

I guess the reintroduction of “Weighted Damage” Rankings is a result of this and similar topics? I am not sure if i personally like this. Different raids will play encounters differently and therefore weigh certain targets different from other raids. I think that was one of the reasons why weighted damage rankings were not continued in the past.

I guess its helpful for evaluating rankings. I dont really have a problem with weighted rankings itself but the removal of bossdmg rankings aside of it. I really liked the feature and i guess/hope i was not the only one. Is there a way to maybe implement both or is it just to much?


Kihra, any updates on the aforementioned issues? They still are a problem.

BUMP. I think all the bosses are pretty much fine, but you can spawn an infinite amount of adds for players to pad on Inquisition. There is pretty much no way to get an orange parse for example as a rogue without that certain tactic.