Bugged RMT log (Tiny showing as Untombed Horror Parse)



Simple issue, this log has been listed as an Untombed Horror kill, when its actually a Tiny kill. You can see it clearly as the log shows damage done entirely to Tiny (different miniboss) and they have another log of the actually Untombed Horror kill in the full log. I know the guys and they would confirm this.


This is the correct one, to illustrate how those above (re-uploaded his log again for some reason) are incorrect.


However, I guess they are private now so, no idea really :smiley:

We switched it to private literally 5 minutes after we uploaded it - as soon as we noticed the bugged Tiny kill.

Don’t worry, we don’t want to take over your precious ranking spots. I do not understand however why is it now your job to sit here and report our logs less than 5 minutes after they come out. We can handle them ourselves, we don’t want to sit on bugged logs anyway.

Right now the whole log is blacklisted because of reports.

Anyway, @Kihra - can we remove this fight from the log. And can we whitelist the rest of the log please.

We made this log private so we could fix it before making it public. Why is the whole log removed? Only 1 fight was bugged, not the whole raid.

I don’t have the capability to remove only one fight from a log. Sorry. That’s why I have to blacklist the whole thing if any fight in it is bugged.

Actually btw I know how you could fix the log so that one fight registers as invalid and you could have the rest of the log work. Btw I report bugged logs, cause they are bugged and I explicitly talked to joker about it at the time, so I do not understand the attitude at me for being the only guy on these forums who is actually legit reporting logs to keep everything fair.