Combat Log isn't parsing Tazavesh as a distinct dungeon

Hi all. New user, first time poster.

I’m trying to figure out how a BM hunter with a lower ilvl utterly smashed my dps in Tazavesh Streets. Details! showed a significant discrepancy in our pet’s performance and number of kill command cast. This seems odd since we both have 4-pc set and I think I cast it pretty much on CD, though I will delay if Hekili recommends something different.

I thought perhaps WCL and wowanalyzer might provide some better insight to help solve the mystery so I uploaded the combat log. However, the report doesn’t show the Tazavesh run. Rather, its data got comingled with an earlier Lower Karazhan run.

I opened the combat log in notepad to see if there was any clear demarcation of dungeons. There appears to be a “COMBAT_LOG_VERSION” entry at the start of each run, followed with a “ZONE CHANGE” and a “MAP_CHANGE” upon entering the dungeon, and then a second “MAP_CHANGE” after the key is activated. These entries exist for each dungeon run, including the Tazavesh run. Why then did the report not capture this correctly?

9/5 20:39:27.572 ZONE_CHANGE,2441,“Tazavesh, the Veiled Market”,8
9/5 20:39:27.572 MAP_CHANGE,1989,“Tazavesh, the Veiled Market”,4050.000000,3155.000000,-627.750000,-1970.250000
9/5 20:39:27.578 MAP_CHANGE,1989,“Tazavesh, the Veiled Market”,4050.000000,3155.000000,-627.750000,-1970.250000

I thought a possible workaround might be to create a copy of the combat log (to preserve the original), and then delete all entries before and after the Tazavesh run.

Somehow this shows entirely as trash fights.

Is this a logging bug, parsing error, or am I doing something horribly wrong (besides playing BM…wtb a decent 2h to roll survival :))?


Do you have an auto-logger enabled? Many popular addons have settings that will turn on and off logging when entering or leaving combat. Try turning these settings off and manually logging a dungeon to see if it fixes your issue.