Invald logs for guldan\ellisande

For some reason every fight I log for the last 2 NH bosses when I upload the logs they come out as invalid. I’m unsure whats going on here so I finally decided to make a post and ask. The kills on this log are from pugs I ran tonight but even my guild logs come out like this every week and it’s only on these 2 bosses. They are saying they are wipes?

Those logs are incomplete and missing parts.

Is it autolog then that’s messing up? Because I use the autolog app which automatically logs every fight for me and then I just go to the warcraftlogs uploader app and upload the kills after I exit WoW after the raid. There shouldn’t be anything missing from those logs, like it looks like its listing the part 1 guldan phase as a trash fight.

The ENCOUNTER_START is missing, which means I have no idea you’re in a boss fight. Your auto logger add-on appears to be omitting the ENCOUNTER_START for some reason. I’d suggest using a different one.

Well thanks for the responses at least. I just removed autolog and downloaded this Elvui Combat Logger addon and l’ll see if the issue persists. It’s just that my real life friend uses the same autolog addon and hasn’t ever experienced the invalid logs problem I get on Ellisande\Guldan. It’s also only on those 2 bosses that my logs are invalid for every single week. Everything else uploads just fine.