Can someone explain to me about this Gorefiend Log

This log here is of our newest Gorefiend kill. Can anyone explain about why it parsed lower then what skada showed by a significant margin? Skada shows the active dps and WCL shows their dps at a lower amount. It’s the first time I’ve seen this happen in all of my kills in both my guilds. \

Would it have anything to do with myself going down first as a tank?

I just dont want the dps’ parses/ranks to be skewed coz of a weird bug, especially since it was the guild first 1 Feast phase kill.

Any thoughts are appreciated,

Further investigation shows that it counted our reset of gorefiend in the kill parse and that the first minute has nothing happening. Is their anyway to fix this or do we have a bum log.

I do believe this is a bug from blizzard on the specific encounter. Some times the combat end event does not fire up at all. Need @Kihra to verify that :slight_smile: