Lots of parses missing!

So, on my character (PVMslayer-Sargeras) Warcraft logs have been dealing the correct amount of kills on bosses. The issue I am experiencing is in the last month or so the parses is not making it. Example being I just did a normal Argus kill other day with over 1m dps for fight (as a tank) and it still shows a 200kish dps from first under-gear kill ages ago. I even went as far as to do the /combatlog log, uploaded report from agramar, but it isn’t updating agramar either. Ontop of all of this, it has 2 keystones tracked total out of 100s I’ve done. Any help as to why I can’t get my combatlog to reflect what I’m actually doing now is greatly appreciated.

Link to agramar kill I used to see if logging even updates this broke site warcraftlogs:


People have to log with advanced combat logging enabled for a log to show up.

As for keystones, it’s just logged keystone dungeon runs. If nobody logs them, they won’t show up.