Entire log showing 100 parses and 0 comparison parses

I think I may have accidentally live logged to the live section instead of classic? All logs, kills and wipes, are showing 100* with 0 comparisons.


Is this something that can be fixed or migrated?

Hey there, this has been uploaded to Retail (Dragonflight) instead of Classic, yes. Make sure you pick the correct game in the Uploader dropdown in the top right. If you’ve already selected the correct game, you can try picking a different one and going back to Wrath to fix it.

I have moved this specific log to the correct game for you and it should be fixed.

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I just ran into this issue with a live log last night. I even reposted it again this morning and still the same. All fights showing 100s and I am certain I am posted to Classic and not Retail WoW, as I do the logs all the time and didn’t change anything on my Companion Uploader.

Perhaps you can help me out here?


Hey, this seems fixed now - but I saw some of your uploaded reports went to Retail and moved them to Classic for you. You should swap away from and back to Classic in the uploader to make sure it’s picking it correctly.

Hi, Vel.

I definitely had the setting in the Uploader to Wrath and it happened with another log again yesterday. I did what you suggested to change away and back to Wrath and see that the background of the Uploader changes with each version, so I am 100% certain I was on Wrath. If it’s a bug, I hope a patch is coming for it?

The new log I was mentioned that was bugged yesterday is this one: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PD9akdBnp2cKXTAx

Hopefully, no issues going forward after your suggested fix.

Thanks again for your help!