Cleaning debuffs question (CENARIUS - others too)

Hi, id like to ask how can i know if someone is cleaning the debuffs (for example, nightmare brambles from cenarius)
Looking the logs, i check that nightmare brambles have 3 numbers: 214308, 210315 and 210337
each one with different dmg
(just replacing las number will work)

for example, in that log (i see different data, and im not sure what am i seeing)

for 214308 has 3 hits and 4 miss
for 210315 5 hits and 4 misses
for 210337 1 hit

in wipe 6

for 214308 has 8 hits and 13 miss
for 210315 11 hits and 14 misses
for 210337 6 hit and 2 misses

how should i be reading this?
i tried to clear brambles with cloack of shadows as much as possible, as in xhul from HFC

many xnks!