Ilgynoth logs are wrong and do not correspond details or skada addon DPS meters

Hello! Ok this is the 5th time it happens! As you can see at the following logs on Ilgynoth HC my DPS is 389! This number is false again and again! On all meters (Skada,Details) i did 492k! This number corresponds to 19th best DK dps on ilv 884! But for noumerous times the log says different numbers in the Ilgynoth fight! (see picture) my name is goat and its a nickname! The character is Grimreaper Drainei DK on Outland EU. I want an explanation why this happens,what are you doing to fix this and generally why i lost 100k DPS that could put me in top 20 DKs in the world!!Thank you!

WCL does not count damage done to casting ichors. Ichors hit 0 health and start casting, but you’re still allowed to hit them. This is just worthless overkill damage, and WCL does not count it.

I thought so it was that.Ok thank you for the reply! Have a nice year!