Bug: debuff uptime on unaffected targets

Evaluating our attempts on H Dragons, I noticed this issue with the displayed uptimes on Wasting Dread. It’s pretty obvious there’s no way anyone could have that debuff for 100% of the fight, since the adds that cause it don’t spawn right away; I think what’s happening is that players who never take that debuff are shown as always having it [maybe since there are no events for the debuff beginning or dropping recorded for those players?] It’s easy enough to understand that this is bugged, but it makes the graphs harder to read.

Do you have the original log file for this? Something has gone wrong where there are two IDs for Dread Horrors (thus causing the debuffs to go haywire). I need to see the original log file to understand why this happened.

Not sure what the best way to share this is, but hopefully this is good?

That’s good yeah. Thanks. I noticed this bug occurring with Nightmare Ichor on Ilgynoth as well. I suspect this is Blizzard’s bug, since this issue is new to Emerald Nightmare and never occurred in HFC, but looking at the log file will let me figure it out.

Well, if more data will help, I also have a log that includes N Il’gynoth.

I found the issue. Blizzard is identifying them as pets owned by the bosses. I just need to flag them as bogus pets. Will require a client uploader change though, so won’t be able to fix already-uploaded logs.