Mythic Cenarius, Damage on second Nightmare Ancient is missing issue

On Mythic Cenarius, Nightmare Ancient is defeated twice, but WCL shows only the first Nightmare Ancient.

The first Nightmare Ancient is killed when it appears (00:25), and it shows properly on the chart. The second one is cleansed (02:48) when it appears, and then corrupted about 1 minute afterward (04:00). WCL categorized the damage dealt on corrupted Ancient as damage on ally.

I am not sure that the issue is about WCL or combatlog itself… I am glad you to look into the issue. Thank you!!

Can you provide a link to the log? Thanks.

Thank you for your quick response! :slight_smile: Here it is.

The first ancient (properly shown)

The second ancient (shown as dealt to friendlies)

I looked into 5-6 logs of the other teams. They also have the same issue. Thank you.

Should be fixed.

I roughly compared with DPS meter of dealers of my team, and it seems that the fix works well. :slight_smile: Thank you again, Kihra!