Nefarian fight log


I think theres a bug with the nefarian fight. Some logs record with the phase one (drakonid mobs) included (6-7min logs), and other logs starts the moment nefarian land and only show p2/p3 (3-4min logs).

Will something be done about this?

looks like it’s if combat drops or not. First time I killed him we dropped combat and before landing he flew away again before finally landing. Second kill, he landed right away and we never dropped combat.

It’s actually that Blizzard hotfixed the encounter to include P1. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do about it.

So if its hotfixed from now on, logs without P1 (before hotfix) should not count?

Maybe only for progress and speed, but not damage for sure

Yeah, although some people tell me they actually prefer only ranking P2, so trying to decide what to do still.

Well, that works too, if there is a way to edit the already uplodaded logs to make the damage math with only p2 and p3

Hmmmm yeah I think it’s better to not count the trash stuff before he lands. People can take turns in raid with who gets to cleave adds the whole time to rotate high damage logs. For those that played BFA, similar things happen all throughout the expansion on fights that had adds.

I feel like BWL is a shitshow in terms of logging and parsing…
Starting with Razorgore, if everyone in your corner are good dps’ers, you’re standing afk most of the fight…

Same with Nefarian - I simply wouldn’t count the trash phases on any of them, because you do like mentioned above, just cycle people every week for good parses… and it ruins the fun.

i thought i’m the only one who noticed it. thanks for your replies.

Planning a bunch of adjustments. Removing adds on Razorgore, whelps on Broodlord, and trying to fix Nefarian to only include P2 and work around Blizzard’s buggy encounter stuff there.

Did something crazy happen to the Razorgore parses? Seems every Razorgore dps parse I can find is either a 99 or single-digits.

EDIT: Seems like there’s something weird going on when converting to percentiles. Checked a couple of specs and top-500 for each of them got 99, but rank 501 and lower are all greys.