4 feature requests

Would love it if we could:

  1. Select a time period in the fight by typing numbers rather than just clicking and dragging the mouse. This is mostly for usability on mobile devices.

  2. Use a buff / debuff as a filter for all other info in a section. That way we could see things like damage taken and healing received by a tank while he has the Rend Flesh debuff on Ursoc. And so on.

  3. Get more of the damage taken numbers in tabular form. Right now you have to mouseover to see blocks and absorbs and the figure for actual damage taken (which is the top-line damage taken number minus absorbs). The way the numbers are presented means (to my knowledge) you can’t export or copy and paste them.

  4. See more granular info on damage taken. One useful piece of info would be a percentage of melees parried and blocked (a breakdown for crit blocks would be great too). Right now the mouseover for melee hits show the percentages of melee damage that came from blocked and unblocked hits. But it doesn’t show what percentage of hits were and weren’t blocked (a much more useful number when evaluating, say, a Prot Warrior). The mouseover doesn’t give the raw numbers for those hits either. To my knowledge, to get those numbers, you have to export the event log for melees, clean up the data to work with it, and do some operations on it. Granted, this is more of a checkmywow.com type thing, but it would be great to have on WCL if it’s not difficult to add.

Thanks again for such an awesomely useful site. I really appreciate it, and use it a ton.

Two is possible using queries or expressions.

Three If you want to see damage taken without absorbs, uncheck Self Absorbs and External Absorbs.

Four Crit blocks not in log, so can’t show that. Mouse over the Hits column to see a breakdown of what % of hits were blocked. Mouse over the Miss column to see what % of hits were Dodged/Parried.

Nice, thanks. Guess I need to learn how to use queries / expressions better.