Bugged Genetic Archive Logs



Again these are not bugged logs. I actually did this dps on the kill. I guess people are salty that I can do this damage. Please don;t remove it because it was legit DPS


This is from the same raid and it shows the number to be completely different.

Well that 2nd log is the broken one cause I did 133k dps on that fight. Maybe check that before you post incorrectly

None of these logs are bugged. If you didn’t know yet: you always get different numbers on fights with different rooms/realms. Beusta logging the second one simply was in the color room, so for that time period he did not see the bosses/raid and thus the logs are different.

For example Laveka has 2 different realms and you constantly switch between them so the log will only be valid for the person that did it themselves. Same fight, 2 different perspectives: https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/compare/k8tXWvJMqTczj2Fg/By61gQpqFrK8CxJA#fight=36,2

You shouldn’t go around reporting logs just because you think they are bugged.

So please @Kihra unblock all of these.

And please ban this guy because he’s just reporting logs for silly reasons.

Not banning someone for being confused. :slight_smile: