APIv2 Access to Character Gear Per Pull

Is there any way to access the per-pull and per-kill gear profiles for characters via the API? This data seems to be available on the website via the “Summary” tab (see Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft for example, where gear / conduits / talents / etc are available).

I can see a way to get the cached game data for a character (Character → gameData), but that is an armory profile, which is not what I want, because that can change. I would expect this data to be in Report → ReportFight, but all I can see is friendlyPlayer ids, nothing about their gear / talent set up at the time of the kill.

Thanks for the help and for making WarcraftLogs such as useful tool, allowing me to ask and answer cool data questions programmatically.

You want Report → Table API with data type of Summary.

That’s perfect! Thanks for the quick reply.