API v2 - retrieving region of players within report

I’ve been playing around with V2 of the API and have a (hopefully simple) question.

I’m pulling Reports via the API and trying to identify Characters that are actors within that report. Via:

report -> masterData -> actors

I can retrieve the name and sever strings of the characters; however, it does not include the region. Without the region, I seem to be unable to uniquely identify the actors within the report and match them back to CharacterData queries.

I’ve dug through the Docs/Schema to see if I’m missing anything within the report that specifies the region. It seems like if there is a guild associated with the report, I could pull the region as the report -> guild -> server -> region is of Server type rather than String.

However, relying on there being a guild does not help for logs which are uploaded to a user’s personal logs.

Would appreciate any help!

I added a region field to reports to obtain the region they were uploaded to.

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Thank you! Very much appreciated