Get gear from API for each raid

Hey, i’m trying to get my gear via the after every raid.

I have tried and failed misserably. And I don’t want to make a scraber of the actual HTML if it is possible via the API.
This doesn’t work, thats for sure. Summary isn’t a valid command.
This “semi” gets me where I wan’t, found that via the chrome debugger. Not an API call though

This one “works”, but fetches all events for the entire raid, seems a little excessive on your API, that I would have to do this. But this one definitely is usable for me.{start}&end={end}&sourceid=411&api_key=${apiKey}

Is there anyway to get this information out of the API?


Hey, did you get anywhere with this? A lot of complicated stuff setting up warcraftlogs apis and almost 0 interest on forums like this one. Hemens#4618 is my discord if your up for helping me out :slight_smile: