[API Request] Warcraft Character Stat Data

I’m working a project that utilizes character stat data however, I’m curious as to if we can get the stat data added to characterRankings.

There is an option to include CombatInfo however it doesn’t include base stats even though those can be found in the event CombatInfo.

The main reason for this is otherwise I’m having to make large number of queries to get stat information.

(1) Have to query top 100 logs for each spec.
(2) Query the Report Data to get startTime, EndTime, playerId
(3) Query the Report Events to get the stats.

For a single fight like Shriekwing that amounts to:

36 queries for each spec (100 data points for each)
3600 requests to get ReportData
3600 request to get Report Events

= 7,236

Which means in order to get all the fights or even heroic/mythic breakdown. It’s going to take splitting these requests out hours or even days.

Not sure the amount of work it would take for you all, but would be super helpful for me.

The COMBATANT_INFO stats include buffs, procs, etc., which has made them historically useless. That’s why we’ve never exported them from rankings. They’re just not reliable enough to use for anything.

My understanding based on a previous post (API access to player stats - #9 by Bloodnaix) is that they’re recorded at the start of combat, which would be before procs.

That being said the data that is shown when looking at an individual player on a log report shows their stats, is that data not being pulled from the COMBATANT_INFO? And instead calculated based on gear? For example (Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft ) this show summary stats.

Even if the data is not entirely reliable I’m okay with that. This project was to automate what I was doing manually before which was pulling up individual logs and looking at stat break downs. When plotting these data points outliers will become apparent.

If it’s not possible/not in scope to add it to the COMBATANT_INFO on each character that’s fine. I can still proceed doing it the longer way with more requests. I just wanted to try to alleviate some of the calls I was planning on making.