API access to player stats

Hello. I’m looking for a way to load player’s stats (crit/mastery/versability/haste) in specific fight.
And I didn’t find a way to do so through API.
I can see it on site
(example, https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rQyWXG9Kq83kh4Mx#type=summary&source=22)
My stats r right under dps graphic. So it exists at least on site version.
In API version I didnt find an access to “summary” table.

May be stats recorded in parser r not always correct, but they always r close to real player’s stats (w/o buffs or procs).

I would be glad if u can help me find a way to load specific player’s stats with API, or to do so in near future.


If this is not possible, I would be glad to hear this too, coz it also an answer for my question.

Not exposed in the API right now. You can use the report events API to fetch the opening events of the fight and COMBATANT_INFO events are included with the stats. Summary pane not exposed to API though.

hitPoints, maxHitPoints, attackPower, spellPower - only stats I found in events response.
Any way to get vers/crit/mastery/haste? May be I looked not where needed.

My aim is compare player stats with his avg dps/hps to find out stats weight for specific fight + another conditions and how they affect dps/hps. Also for this goal would be perfect to know how many artifact traits player has (what i can also see in summary on site)

Is it possible to see this feature in API in near future? I guess if its accessable onsite it can be also accessable from API.
Or is there any reason not to allow access to this information?

COMBATANT_INFO event response should include all the stats (including secondaries).

Well, may be I’m bad in finding what I want :slight_smile: If so, I’m sorry for taking your time.

I’m looking into “/report/events/” response since there is only events response. Specifying report id, correct times etc.
(I’m using these docs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/v1/docs)
As a result I get list of events like next one:

[details=Example] {
“timestamp”: 13299,
“type”: “cast”,
“sourceID”: 9,
“sourceIsFriendly”: true,
“targetID”: 11,
“targetIsFriendly”: true,
“ability”: {
“name”: “Healing Touch”,
“guid”: 5185,
“type”: 8
“resourceActor”: 1,
“classResources”: [
“amount”: 1048095,
“max”: 1100000,
“type”: 0,
“cost”: 19800
“hitPoints”: 2410260,
“maxHitPoints”: 2410260,
“attackPower”: 9032,
“spellPower”: 42403,
“resolve”: 0,
“x”: -64563,
“y”: 52339,
“itemLevel”: 877
} [/details]

And unfortunatelly I cannt find any secondary stats (even main like int/agi/str) here.
Probably I’m using wrong responce?

p.s. And talking about all of that, having info about number of traits in artifact would be also great (coz i can “normalize” dmg between ppl who has 34 and 35 traits for example, exactly 5% dmg difference)

Look for the events with type “combatantinfo”… always occurs at the start of the fight right after the encounter start event. THey have stats, gear, artifact, etc.

I checked on rnVAwqbRg9Cfv46x log, fetched all 133945 events from first fight (I used 1sec more fight interval on both sides (start/end) just in case).

It’s a set of all event types those were returned to me:
{‘dispel’, ‘energize’, ‘absorbed’, ‘begincast’, ‘damage’, ‘removedebuff’, ‘healabsorbed’, ‘removedebuffstack’, ‘cast’, ‘resurrect’, ‘applydebuffstack’, ‘aurabroken’, ‘create’, ‘removebuff’, ‘applydebuff’, ‘applybuff’, ‘summon’, ‘applybuffstack’, ‘refreshbuff’, ‘encounterend’, ‘instakill’, ‘removebuffstack’, ‘death’, ‘heal’, ‘refreshdebuff’}

No “combatantinfo” unfortunately :frowning:

Keep in mind Blizzard has a bug where they don’t dump COMBATANT_INFO, so make sure you’re using a fight that wasn’t bugged. If the stats are missing from the Summary pane for characters, then you know it’s a bugged fight.

Well. I didnt notice I cannt see stats for this report onsite.
I found another and it works! I very grateful for your help. Thank you very much!