A year old parse is causing character ownership issues

I was on Gilgamesh in early 3.05, and got this parse uploaded by someone that quit(their last upload was October 2015, no activity since then).


This causes the system to think that “Berke Oronir” in the searches is on Gilgamesh, and merging a completely different player(one that used my name for a short time to prank some friends) under that, and has since registered a Raid Finder log under them.


If you investigate these logs, you’ll find that none of them are my character. Is there any way to get this old Gordias log deleted, as it’s barely relevant as is, and have the system sort it out? Thank you for your time.

This is my claimed character for reference, although the name and server are both outdated as well.


I fixed it by going to one of their logs and re exporting it, then re exporting my own RF log, and everything sorted itself out, didn’t know you could re export other player’s logs, sorry for the mixup.