FF Log showing my character on wrong server

I’m in a cross-datacenter static and I just noticed some of my parses are on a different “character”. While I’m on one server (Balmung) the parses taken by our ninja who is on Gilgamesh are such that FFLogs seems to think I’m a separate character on Gilgamesh. I did check the Database to make sure I wasn’t mistaken but no raid-capable character with my name is on Gilgamesh.

I found this forum topic (Using Raid Finder across different servers. Logs are on an alt character with the same name) which seems to be a related issue though this was from a year ago.

Is there any way to petition to merge the parses onto my real character on the FF Logs site?

I’m having a similar issue as you, only I’m the one doing the parsing and uploading from Balmung and one of our members (Bard on Jenova) and his parses keep showing up on a completely different server instead of his own server or even to a character on Balmung. Would it be possible to find a way to either have the uploader tag players on specific servers prior to or post uploads? Just a thought.