Duplicate characters

Hello, I have two characters, one on Balmung, one on Gilgamesh. Both with the name “Alice Nerelven.” One is on Balmung, a level 60 which I raid with, and the other is a level 10 on Gilgamesh which I made to play with a friend while they checked if they liked the game. Unfortunatly (Especially since cross server party) this means a lot of parses get ignored unless I upload them. Would it be possible to remove the second character? I can edit their lodestone page to confirm identity if needed. If it’s not possible to remove the second character, would deleting the character or changing the name of the second character fix this?

I have deleted the second Alice Nerelven on FFXIV. Will the duplicate Alice Nerelven on fflogs get deleted eventually as well? To clarify, the account was only level 10 at best, it hadn’t even reached the first dungeon, yet it somehow has logs for A9S and A10S. Logs that are meant to be going to my main account on Balmung are instead going to a level 10 alt, is there a way to fix this.